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Zoning Board of Appeals Revised Agenda

  • Date: 08/09/2011 7:30 PM  
  • Location: Town Hall- Auditorium
Agenda - REVISED

Tuesday - August 9, 2011
7:30 p.m. –Auditorium

Members to be present:
Jim Ezzes - Chairman
Elizabeth Wong – Vice Chairman
Jacqueline Masumian
Doug Bowen
Sheri Rabiner-Gordon sitting for Bill Harris

Staff: Larry Bradley, Director of Planning and Zoning

I. Public Hearing on the following cases:

1. 19 Sterling Drive: (The following application will be opened and continued to 9/13/11, No testimony will be taken at this hearing) ZBA Appl #6984 by Barr Associates, LLC for property owned by FYC LLC for variance to Sec 6-2.1 (expansion, extension or alteration), Sec 6-2.2 & Sec 12-6 (coverage), Sec 6-3.1 & Sec 12-4 (setback), Sec 13-11 & Sec 34-6.1 (parking not on site) and Sec 34-5 (parking for single family), for new house and driveway modification, in a Res AA zone, PID # E04036000.

2. 41 Sherwood Drive: ZBA Appl #6987 by Frank and Mary Bergonzi for property owned by Frank and Mary Bergonzi for variance to Sec 6-2.1.3 (non-conforming building coverage), Sec 6-2.1.7 (non-conforming setbacks), Sec 14-4 (setbacks) and Sec 14-6 (coverage,) to enclose existing porch, add second floor above porch, reconstruct a portion of roof and construct roof deck, in a Res B zone, PID # E04032000.

3. 125 Main Street: ZBA Appl #6986 by Frederick William Hoag Architect for property owned by 125 Main Street Association LLC, for variance to Sec 29-8 (floor area), to modify previously approved variance to revise reserve floor area of upper floors, in a BCD zone, PID # C10079000.

4. 1221 Post Road East: ZBA Appl #6988 by David Lerner Associates, for property owned by 1221 Post Road East Partners LP, for variance to Sec 24-10 (sign in GBD) and Sec 33-7.2.2 (sign above lower sill of second floor window and over 20’ to top of sign), for new sign in a GBD zone, PID # G09030000.

5. 38 Bauer Place Ext.: ZBA Appl #6989 by Carolina Mata-Tovar for property owned by Carolina Mata-Tavar for variance to Sec 6-2 (non-conforming building), Sec 6-3 (non-conforming lot), Sec 13-4 (setbacks) and Sec 13-6 (coverage), for additions in Res A zone, PID # G09099000.

6. 69 Clinton Ave: ZBA Appl #6990 by Peter T. Coffin, AIA, for property owned by Kerry Reilly and Elizabeth Rivage Seul for variance to Sec 6-2.1.7 (expansion of a non-conforming structure) and Sec 11-4 (setbacks) to add a one story addition, in AAA zone, PID # C14038000.

II. Work Session: (Note: the public may observe the work session but may not participate)

• Review and action on the cases heard above
• Other ZBA business
a) 70 North Avenue, ZBA #6960, request for modification
b) 37 Burnham Hill, ZBA #6946, request for modification

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