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P&Z to Review Text Amendment #752

Post Date:09/25/2018
Planning & Zoning Director Mary Young announced today that the Westport Planning & Zoning Commission will review Text Amendment #752 at the September 27, 2018 Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing.

Text Amendment #752, submitted by Mel Barr of Barr Associates, is designed to create opportunities for more Fitness Centers to locate in the Restricted Office Retail District (RORD #3).  Mr. Barr explained in his Explanatory Statement that his client, owner of the property at 25 Sylvan Road South, has a market demand but current zoning regulations prevent him from supplying the demand, leaving existing and future vacancies on site.  If adopted, the Text Amendment will make modest changes to enable a few more Fitness Centers that are slightly larger in size to locate at 25 Sylvan Road South.

Ms. Young clarified that Mr. Barr successfully amended the Zoning Regulations in 2016 to allow Fitness Centers to locate in the RORD #3, where Retail Uses are currently prohibited.  When unanimously adopting Amendment #717 in 2016, the Planning and Zoning Commission limited the number of allowable Fitness Centers to no more than two (2), and no greater in size than 2,500 SF.  Mr. Barr’s current proposal requests up to four (4) Fitness Centers up to 2,700 SF in size be allowed to locate in the RORD #3. There are nine (9) properties in Westport located in the RORD #3.  All properties will enjoy the same benefit if the amendment is adopted assuming there is sufficient parking on site to support the use.  The nine (9) properties are as follows:
1.       220-222 Riverside Ave.
2.       236 Riverside Ave.
3.       240 Riverside Ave.
4.       260 Riverside Ave.
5.       1-3 Sylvan La.
6.       10 Sylvan Lane.
7.       18 Sylvan Road South
8.       25 Sylvan Road South
9.       26 Sylvan Road South.

All those interested in this amendment are encouraged to attend the Planning & Zoning Commission’s public hearing on Sept. 27, 2018, at 7:00 PM in the Westport Town Hall Auditorium. A copy of the amendment is attached herein, is available for viewing in Town Hall in the P&Z Office and in the Office of the Town Clerk and online at The meeting will be televised live on WPTV Television 79 (Cablevision) and Channel 99 (Frontier) and recorded and saved on the Town’s website. The Planning and Zoning Commission can receive written comments from the public in advance of the hearing.  Comments should be sent to Once the public hearing is closed, no more information or comments will be accepted.

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