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Tonight - November 15, 2018 - P&Z to Review Text Amendment to Create “Agricultural Subdivisions”

Post Date:11/15/2018
Planning & Zoning Director Mary Young announced today that the Planning & Zoning Commission will review a Text Amendment tonight (November 15, 2018) at 7:00 PM in Westport Town Hall Auditorium.
Attorney Alan R. Spirer submitted Text Amendment #756 to add Sec. 56A to the Westport Subdivision Regulations to create an Agricultural Subdivision. He stated, “it is intended to encourage the preservation of agricultural uses in a manner that is compatible with residential uses in Residence AAA districts.” Attorney Spirer was retained by Concettina Belta Caruso, Executor of the Estate of James S. Belta, to submit the application.
Ms.  Young stated, “If adopted, Text Amendment #756 will allow lots that are greater than 20 Acres located in the Residence AAA zone (2-acre zone), to subdivide and provide for agricultural use and create residential lots at double the density than is otherwise allowed and will be subject to the zoning standards of the Residence AA (1-acre zone), instead of the Residence AAA (2-acre zone).”
Attorney Spirer described various benefits associated with the preservation of farming operations similar to Belta Farm on Bayberry Lane. He states that “Farms create an obvious benefit to the Town by providing locally grown produce and creating open space areas.”  In addition, Attorney Spirer suggests that farms enhance the diversity of land uses and explains that “[T]he Town of Westport will avoid becoming merely a ‘bedroom community’ and will retain some of the land use diversity that is part of Westport’s heritage.” Attorney Spirer submitted a copy of a conceptual subdivision map for the Belta Farm property showing the effects of the amendment if adopted if applied to Belta Farm as well as a conventional subdivision layout; both are attached herein.
Ms. Young added, “Letters of support for the proposal as well as a ‘Protest Petition’ were received from some property owners surrounding the Belta Farm property.”
Interested parties are encouraged to attend the Planning & Zoning Commission’s public hearing on Nov. 15, 2018, at 7:00 PM in the Westport Town Hall Auditorium. A copy of the amendment is attached herein, is available for viewing in Town Hall both in the P&Z Office and in the Office of the Town Clerk, and online at The staff report analyzing the amendment is also available online at The meeting will be televised live by WPTV Television 79 (Cablevision) and Channel 99 (Frontier) and recorded and saved on the Town’s website. The Planning and Zoning Commission may receive written comments from the public in advance of the hearing.  Comments should be sent to  Once the public hearing is closed, no more information or comments will be accepted.

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Explanatory Statement and Draft Text Amend 756

Aerial image for Text Amend 756 18-064 Agricultural subdivision 9-28-18

Aerial image for Text Amend 756 18-064 Traditional subdivision 9-28-18





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