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Request from Public Works on behalf of Transfer Station and Private Haulers

Post Date:03/31/2020 4:30 PM

Public Works Director Peter Ratkiewich made the following plea on behalf of the Transfer Station personnel and Westport’s private refuse and recycling haulers.

At the Transfer Station:

  • There is a huge increase in traffic and we are managing the best we can with limited personnel.
  • Transfer Station personnel are instructed to maintain distancing - they cannot assist with Bulky Waste. Do not bring those items to the Transfer Station at this time.
  • Maintain social distancing at the Transfer Station at all times.
  • Try to move through the Transfer Station as efficiently as possible. Do not linger, stay at least 6 feet apart, transfer your trash and recycling, and exit the facility.

Residents using private haulers:

  • There is much more cardboard due to online ordering, which is in turn taxing the Transfer Station and overwhelming the haulers. Please flatten all cardboard boxes, stack and tie for ease of handling.
  • Haulers may charge for excessive cardboard over and above the usual amounts. Please either call for extra pickup, or store at your home and make a trip to the transfer station at a later time.
  • Tissues and gloves are being placed in the recycling bins. These are not recyclable and should be placed in the regular trash bin. Failure to do so may result in your recycling being refused.
  • Due to the increased amount of glass containers, recycling bins are too heavy for individual workers to lift. For the time being, please separate the glass in to a smaller container or put all recycling in smaller containers so the workers can lift them.
  • Finally, with regard to regular trash, it must all be bagged and tied. Haulers may refuse trash that is not properly bagged and tied.

In these difficult times the Refuse Operators and Transfer Station personnel are trying their best to keep everyone safe while still keeping the trash flowing. 

Please help them help us all. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.

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