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Why Westport

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Westport's Value Statement: Westport is a town with a future that is bright and full of promise. We respect our rich past and who we are today by welcoming all who live, work and visit our town.  As an engaged community, we are bound together by a passion for the arts, education, natural resources and our beautiful shoreline. We are uniquely positioned to thrive in the years to come.


Westport is a community that supports a live, work, play lifestyle.  We have long attracted those who enjoy the convenience of being near New York City, while at the same time living in a New England community that retains its small-town character and has its own cultural life. Our town is both citizen centric and business friendly.

Situated on the Long Island Sound just 40 miles outside of New York City and with the Saugatuck River flowing through it, Westport has always known economic vitality.  The origins of agriculture and commerce are visibly maintained in our historic resources and open spaces.  Today Westport’s transportation options contribute to its vitality, with access to Interstate 95, U.S 1 and the Merritt Parkway, as well as two Metro North stations serving Stamford and Grand Central Terminal, access to Amtrak and a local commuter shuttle service.  The single family homes are primarily 1 and 2-acre lot properties that range from modern coastal homes to quaint residences in walkable neighborhoods close to downtown.  There are also housing options situated around transit and commerce.  

Our Residential Interests page lists the benefits of being a Westport resident.


Our commercial industry is comprised mostly of boutique spaces for the financial services and other professional sectors.  Westport’s 53 acre Nyala Farms is the home of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest macro hedge fund, and Terex, the Fortune 500 global manufacturing employer.   Westport’s commercial properties are all highly desirable quality spaces that have been recently renovated over the last 10 years.

Westport is unique with two business centers.  Our Main Street Downtown is renowned for its wide variety of unique shops.  It is currently undergoing a multi-year revitalization effort for improved mobility.  In Saugatuck Center, you will find a historic transportation and commerce center with revitalized retail and dining destinations.  Our local specialty stores offer truly unique experiences that can only be had by coming into town.  While you are here, Westport is also a Fairfield County dining destination, offering more than 70 restaurant options sure to appeal to all tastes.  

See our business resources page for guidance on local business support, bids and media.

Quality of Life

Westport’s parks, beaches, town golf course and recreational facilities are exceptional; family events, art shows, and a weekly farmers market are only a few of the activities for all to enjoy.  Outdoor performances at the Levitt Pavilion are an added bonus to our summer activities. CT’s largest one-day event, the Maker Faire annually draws over 12,000 inventors, innovators and creative individuals into Westport.  

Westport is home to the Westport Country Playhouse, the Community Theater as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art. We are also proud of the Earthplace nature discovery center, the Wakeman Town Farm Sustainability Center, Newman Poses Preserve, the Westport-Weston Family YMCA, as well as a Museum for History and Culture and an Astronomical Society. Whether you’re a visitor to these venues, a resident senior using our newly renovated Center for Senior Activities or a teen socializing at Toquet Hall, there is always something to do here in this thriving community.

Values & Education

Westporters share a strong heritage with the Battle of Compo Beach and our Minutemen soldiers who defeated the British troops there.  At the turn of the Century, Westport welcomed immigrants, artists, musicians, and authors into the community.  That is now reflected in on our current culture of inclusivity, diversity and love of the arts.  

Westport has a top notch school system with one of the highest ranked high schools in the state and nation - Staples High School.  Our community is dedicated to fostering learning and is particularly engaged in the STEAM fields, arts and athletics.  That does not stop at the schools.  The Westport library has won numerous accolades for innovation and excellence and has just undergone a $20M renovation.  With its large programming, event, co-working, recording studio, maker and outdoor spaces and its state of the art technology and digital resources, we expect that our library will be the largest incubator of small business, technology and entrepreneurship in the area.  

Our Experience page provides a wealth of things to do in Westport.