Download the Saugatuck Transit-Oriented Design Master Plan below:

Master Plan Part 1 of 3 [PDF]
Master Plan Part 2 of 3 [PDF]
Master Plan Part 3 of 3 [PDF]

The mission of the Saugatuck Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Master Plan Steering Committee (“Saugatuck Steering Committee” or “SSC”) will be to assist the town in selecting a planning consultant and to provide assistance and guidance to the selected consultants in conducting a planning process which will result in a Master Plan for the Saugatuck area. The Master Plan will seek to promote a future Saugatuck Center which is vital, livable, safer for pedestrians offering diverse entertainment, dining, recreational, residential and business opportunities and at the same time respects Saugatuck’s small town character and historical heritage. The plan will also seek to guide future residential development so that additional vehicles are not added to the Saugatuck Centre and that infrastructure is improved to better facilitate traffic flow and parking, and to reduce congestion.

Members of the SSC shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the First Selectman for terms co-terminus with the completion of the project. Members include town planning staff, appropriate town department heads, elected officials, representatives from the Saugatuck business community, the Historical Society, the Downtown Plan Implementation Committee, and residents of Saugatuck at large. The Co-Chairs of the SSC shall be Mary Young, Director of Planning and Zoning and Ms. Craig Schiavone, a private independent Town Planner. The Co-Chairs will report directly to the First Selectman.

SSC members will have several important roles in the Saugatuck master planning process and will participate in major planning sessions with the consultants at key times during the project. Some of the specific responsibilities of SSC members will include:

  • Attend and participate in scheduled meetings of the Saugatuck Steering Committee.
  • Assist in the review of the Town’s RFP for a planning consultant and participate in the review and selection process.
  • Assist in defining the core Saugatuck study area boundaries, the project schedule, the draft communications plan, key issues and challenges and updates on recent developments in Saugatuck and the Town. 
  • Review the draft communications plan and provide guidance on how to best reach Saugatuck/Westport residents and provide input to the consultants prior to finalization.
  • Review and comment on draft community survey prior to circulation. 
  • Review with the consultants the key issues, concepts and considerations to be included in visual preference workshops, charrettes and provide assistance as needed.
  • Review and comment on project deliverables, the draft master plan and design guidelines for infrastructure enhancements. 
  • Define and prioritize those future infrastructure projects most needed to improve the overall ambiance of Saugatuck and help Saugatuck work better as a community.
  • Encourage Westport and in particular, Saugatuck area citizens, to participate in public planning sessions and community surveys.