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Authority and Purpose

The Selectman’s Real Property Committee {“Committee”) is established by the First Selectman to act as the First Selectman’s advisor with respect to the purchase, lease, other acquisition and/or disposition of real property for open space, recreational uses, municipal facilities, public rights of way, conservation, and investment.

The Committee shall consist of three members who will be appointed by and serve at the discretion of the First Selectman.


1. Identify future municipal needs for real property for (a) passive and active recreation, (b) conservation and preservation of scenic views, (c) schools, administrative, public works and public safety facilities, (d) public rights of way and transportation improvements, and (e) any other current and future public uses. 

2. Establish criteria and make recommendations to the First Selectman for the acquisition and/or lease of real property and/or easements by the Town of Westport.

3. Establish criteria and make recommendations to the First Selectman for the sale and/or lease of real property owned by the Town of Westport.

4. Evaluate opportunities and offers to acquire specific parcels and/or interests in real property that may be presented to the Town of Westport from time to time. 

5. Act on behalf of the First Selectman in negotiating, recommending financing techniques, coordinating applications for municipal approval and preparing reports in connection with the acquisition, leasing or disposition of real property and/or easements.

6. Take on any other responsibilities assigned to the Committee from time to time by the First Selectman.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee will be guided by the Town Plan of Conservation and Development, Westport Zoning Regulations and the Selectman’s Five Year Capital Forecast, as each may be amended from time to time.