Shellfish Commission Meeting Materials

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Materials for the July 1, 2020 Meeting

Approval of March 4, 2020 Minutes

Minutes 03-04-20

Approval of June 3, 2020 Minutes

Minutes 06-03-20

Treasurer’s Report 

July Treasurer's Report

Police Report 

Recreational Shellfish Report

New Business

      • 135 Harbor Road:

    135 Harbor Road-Application Materials

    135 Harbor Road-Photos and Plans

      • 15 Stony Point Road:

    15 Stony Point-Application Materials

    15 Stony Point-Photos and Plans

    Other Business

      1. Canal Beach parking lot status
      2. Annual clambake status



    Materials for the June 3, 2020 Meeting

    Treasurer's Report

    Report on 2020 Recreational Shellfish Program

    Marine Police Overtime Patrols