WeGreenWestportEstablished in 2006, the  GreenTask Force developed a Clean Energy Action Plan for the town which included recommendations to the First Selectman on measures Westport could take to reduce its usage of fossil fuels and to achieve 20% renewables (including on-site generation) in town facilities by 2010.

Since then, the Task Force has launched the Westport Home Energy Challenge and Solarize Westport to provide money saving ways for Westporters to “go green.” Today the Task Force assists Westport residents, businesses, and the town itself on on broad array of sustainability issues.

Task Force members include private citizens, students and representatives from the town. Members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the First Selectman.

Our meetings are posted on the town’s schedule and both Westporters and town businesses are encouraged to attend.

2018 Green Task Force Sustainability Award Application

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