Sustainable Westport Mission Statement

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As adopted 7/8/09

The mission of Sustainable Westport is to advise the First Selectman and town commissions and departments on determining and setting environmental policy and decisions for the purpose of transforming Westport into a sustainable green community. Sustainable Westport will educate, encourage and assist Westport residents, businesses, and the town to adopt sustainable practices consistent with this purpose. Sustainable Westport's role is both pro-active and reactive.

Sustainable Westport will have a minimum of nine members serving at the appointment and pleasure of the First Selectman.


  • Identify areas of town operations or policy that could/need to be adjusted to move the town toward becoming a sustainable green community. 
  • Review programs and policies related to transforming Westport into a sustainable green community as they are brought to Sustainable Westport by staff, elected town officials, environmental/community groups or concerned members of the public. 
  • Make recommendations in the form of formal motions directed to the town leadership and provide an annual report to the First Selectman. 
  • Pursue a limited advocacy role through resolutions, formal statements, presentations at other public meetings, and community education platforms. 
  • Address only those issues and projects in Westport that have a significant potential to impact the goal of becoming a sustainable green community.