What You Can Do

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The idea of TEAM Westport is big enough for anyone who lives or works or cares about Westport and Weston. Making our towns more welcoming for everyone is something you can do, too.

Do it in your neighborhood, in our schools, in your business or in your local organizations. Opportunities abound.

Or come do it with us. TEAM Westport is looking for volunteers, especially those interested in building a “Friends” group that could help extend TEAM Westport’s initiatives and programs into local neighborhoods.

You can volunteer to assist with that or other TEAM Westport projects that need help. Just click on Contact Us and e-mail TEAM Westport’s Chair with your name and contact information.

More importantly, you can commit to yourself to be welcoming — to be as open with one person as you are with another — regardless of their backgrounds.

And if you are moved to action beyond that, then live what TEAM Westport is working to do. Challenge words and actions that hurt or stereotype, and welcome the richness of diversity into your life and our community.