Your Civic or Religious Group

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Your Civic or Religious Group

A lot of life in Westport and Weston happens in the many different groups in our community. It’s a great way to enjoy time with people who share your interests or beliefs. Like any other activity, the work of our groups can benefit from the skills, experience and perspectives of diverse participants. Even if they don’t look like us or come from a different background. Make your group stronger by casting a wider, more welcoming net. It’s the right thing to do, too.

TEAM Westport seeks opportunities to speak with group leaders about incorporating multicultural perspectives into group programming and activities. TEAM Westport has useful resources and is developing experience with joint ventures. Click on Contact Us to send an e-mail message to TEAM Westport’s Chair to discuss this further.

Here are some simple actions your organization might take:

  • Discuss how your organization’s mission can affect multiculturalism in our community.
  • Consider how your organization might incorporate multiculturalism into its programming and activities.
  • Discuss how your organization informs itself and reaches out to new arrivals in the community, especially to those with different backgrounds.