Your Neighborhood

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TEAM Westport is planning some special efforts focused on neighborhoods. If you would like to be a part of it, please Click on Contact Us and e-mail TEAM Westport's chair! 

Until then, what could you do about multiculturalism in your neighborhood? TEAM Westport concludes that lack of familiarity and understanding can breed mistrust and friction between people of different backgrounds. So, here’s what some of your neighbors in Westport and Weston suggest:

  • go knock on the door and meet your neighbors, if you haven’t already (at least two houses in each direction)
  • welcome new neighbors during the first week they move in
  • have a meal at home with your neighbors, one at a time or all together –- a great way to get to know them just a bit better
  • organize a “Bring Your Own Dish” block party, with recipes from different families’ backgrounds 
  • allow the children to play together if they want to
  • Go to Contact Us and tell us what worked for your neighborhood!