The Historic District Commission is part of the town government and serves in a regulatory and advisory capacity. Members of the Historic District Commission are appointed by the First Selectman. The Commission has a dedicated office in Town Hall with a full-time staff assistant who is an employee of the town. 

Historic Red House

Regulatory Role:
The HDC was established in 1973 by the Town Of Westport Charter. It oversees 6 local historic distracts and 18 local historic landmark properties. If a property is designated, all exterior alternations visible from a public right-of-way are approved by the HDC in a public hearing before work commences. Its goal is to serve the property owners, as stewards, of Westport’s most significant historic resources by providing staff support and guidance through the approval process.

Mid-Century Modern House









Advisory Role
Additionally, the HDC acts in an advisory role to other town departments in matters related to historic preservation. The Town of Westport made a commitment to historic preservation in 1986 by becoming a Certified Local Government (CLG) which established the town’s working partnership with the National Park Service and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). This program empowers the HDC to pursue preservation initiatives beyond regulating historic districts and provides state and federal grant funding for historic preservation initiatives.