The Tree Board members are appointed by the First Selectman. 

The Tree Board is responsible for:

  • Advising and assisting the Tree Warden
  • Promoting the planting, maintenance, restoration and survival, of desirable trees and shrubs on Town property
  • Educating the public

Due to recent storms and power outages caused by falling trees and branches, it is critical that dead and unhealthy trees along public roadways be maintained and removed when necessary.

Property owners should:

  • Manage trees on their properties and have proper evaluation before cutting and trimming by qualified arborists. 
  • Understand that the town has the authority to manage trees on town right of ways. Property owners should educate themselves as to the estimated right of way that is noted on the town maps in the GIS System.

General Information on Managing your trees

Before you can properly manage trees on your property, you should be aware of which trees are on your property and which trees are within the town right-of-way. If you have a recent survey of your property, the property lines and right-of-way will be indicated.  If you don't, check out the town's GIS system.

Using the GIS System

To use the town’s GIS System, see this page. Click on “I Agree-Go to GIS”
  • Click on Interactive maps, Public City Map Viewer
  • Type in your house number and street, SEARCH, left click on your parcel, hit Print- make map.
  • A PDF will be created. The red line between the street edge and your property is the approximate town right of way.
  • Property owners should be aware that the town has the authority to manage any trees located in this right of way. Property owners need permission from the Tree Warden to remove a tree from this right of way and could be fined for illegal removal. The Tree Warden can be reached by calling the Public Works Department at (203)-341-1120

The Tree Warden is required to post all living trees selected for removal. The posting involves putting a notice on the trunk of the tree ten days prior to removal. This allows for public comment on each tree removal. If any person, firm or corporation objects to such removal or pruning, such person, firm or corporation may appeal to the tree warden in writing.