When do I need a Building Permit

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The Purpose of a Building Permit

A building permit gives you, your insurance company, your neighbors and the town assurance that specific minimum standards are met in constructing, altering, or repairing your home by complying with the Building Code. These standards are based on well-established health, safety, and environmental considerations intended to protect the integrity of the buildings, safety of inhabitants, and the welfare of the public.

When Do You Need a Building Permit?

 A building permit is needed for the following activities:

  • To change, replace, or remove walls, columns and beams
  • To change to required exits or sources of natural light and ventilation (including windows)
  • For new construction, major repairs, renovations, and demolitions
  • For the installation of new boilers, furnaces, plumbing fixtures, garages, additions, porches, and decks
  • Build mechanical, supply or exhaust ventilation system
  • Build, replace, or enclose and heat a new or existing porch system
  • Change from a single family to multiple family building
  • Complete modernization or conversion
  • Construction or alteration of plumbing systems
  • Demolish any building
  • Erect chimneys
  • Alteration to source of required natural light and ventilation
  • Finish rooms in the attic or basement
  • Installation, replacement or extension of warm air furnaces in all building types
  • Replace roof
  • Alteration or expansion of electrical system
  • Add additions (upper floor, first floor expansion, greenhouse, etc.)
  • Add a dormer
  • Build an attached garage
  • Build a carport

You do not need a Building Permit for the following minor repairs:

  • Replacement of windows or doors which are the same size, type and location
  • Replacement of siding on residential buildings
  • Other minor repairs or decorating