Annual Mercantile Inspection

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In order to expedite the annual inspection of a Westport business (as required by State regulations) , please have copies available of the following documents, where applicable:

  1. Documentation of the annual test of the fire alarm system.
  2. Documentation of the annual test of the sprinkler system.

In addition, the following is a list of the most common violations found:

  1. The use of extension cords in place of permanent hard wiring. (Surge protectors are permitted)
  2. Inoperative exit signs.
  3. Inoperative emergency lighting.
  4. Storage in the furnace room, stairwells or electrical room.
  5. Fire doors held open. (Furnace/storage rooms, stairwells)
  6. Items stored higher than 18" below sprinkler heads.
  7. Fire extinguishers present and inspected within the past year.

Please check that these common violations are corrected PRIOR to the arrival of the Inspector. This will expedite the inspection process for both yourself and the Inspector.