Fire Safety Checklist for Home

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  • Do you have smoke detectors?
  • Are they working?
  • Are smoke detectors properly located? (One inside each bedroom, one outside each sleeping area and one on each level of the home including basements but excluding attics.)
  • Do you have a home escape plan?
  • Have you had a home fire drill to practice your plan?
  • Are emergency escape routes free of obstructions? (i.e. window air conditioners)
  • Are there extension cords being used in place of proper electrical wiring? Run under rugs?
  • Are appliance cords in good repair?
  • Do you have a fire extinguisher? Do you know how to use it? How old is it? If over 5 years it should be replaced.
  • Are flammable liquids properly stored?
  • Are your heating systems in good working order and serviced each year?
  • Are there accumulations of combustibles that should be removed?
  • Is the cooking area of the kitchen clear of clutter and other combustibles?
  • Is your gas grill in proper working order?
  • Is the tank for the gas grill stored outside - not in a basement or garage?
  • Make sure that dryer vents are cleaned and kept clear at all times.
      For a free courtesy home inspection by a member of the Fire Marshal's Office please contact 341-5020.