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We offer various types of handpasses. Based on your particular interests, as a Westport resident, you may choose from the following:

Basic Handpass

  • Play tennis on Town courts at the current fee
  • Use of the Longshore Pool free of charge
  • Required for most of Parks and Recreation sponsored activities

Golf Handpass 

  • All the privileges of a basic handpass PLUS access to the Longshore Golf Course at reduced greens fees and the capability to book advance tee times online or by telephone

Premium Tennis Handpass

  • All the privileges of a basic handpass PLUS no court fees for Tennis

Golf and Tennis Handpass

  • All the privileges of the basic handpass PLUS all the privileges of the golf and tennis handpasses

Handpasses are valid for one year from date of purchase and are renewable, they are non-transferable. Please do not discard your current handpass. You will continue to use your handpass and your information will be updated within the barcode. A photo is required for all handpasses and can be taken at the Parks and Recreation Department during our normal business hours.


 Handpasses Fee
 Basic - Adult (ages 18 - 61)  $40   
 Basic - Senior (ages 62 and older)  $25
 Basic - Youth (ages 6 - 17)  $20
 Golf - Adult (ages 18 - 61)  $95
 Golf - Senior (ages 62 and older)      $70
 Golf - Junior (golf privileges included, restrictions apply)  $20
 Premium Tennis - Adult  $155
 Premium Tennis - Senior Citizen (ages 62 and older)  $115
 Premium Tennis - Youth (ages 6 - 17)  $55 
 Golf & Tennis - Adult (ages 18 - 61)  $250
 Golf & Tennis - Senior Citizen (ages 62 and older)  $185
 Golf & Tennis - Youth (golf privileges included, restrictions apply)      $55
 Non-Resident Care-giver Pass - Beach Parking  $315
 Non-Resident Care-giver Pass - Pool Handpass  $165 
 Non-Resident Care-giver Pass - Combo - Beach parking and pool access  $415 
 Handpass Replacement Fee (all types, all adults & youth, same year as issue     $10 



Non-Resident Care-giver Pass

For Westport residents that need to provide their Monday - Friday non-resident caregiver access to Westport beaches and / or Longshore Pool.  Residents are eligible to purchase memberships for their care-giver so the resident children can enjoy the town beaches and Longshore Pool.  The resident children must accompanied by the care-giver and access is limited to Monday - Friday ONLY.  Residents must fill out the care-giver affidavit, notarized and brought to the Parks and Recreation Office at Longshore during normal business hours.