Parking Emblems

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Entrance to all the Town of Westport beaches is free and open to the public except from May 1 to Sept. 30. Parking emblems are required to park at the following locations:


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  • Compo Beach - May 1 to Sept. 30
  • Burying Hill Beach - Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day
  • Old Mill Beach - May 1 to Sept. 30 during the hours of 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Longshore Lot C & D (Tennis/Pool/Sailing School) -  Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day
  • Longshore Lot E  (Marina) - Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day


During the season Compo Beach and Burying Hill Beach may be accessed by paying a daily fee at the gate. Access to Old Mill Beach is for residents only who have purchased a current parking emblem.

Fees for the parking emblems are based on the current registration of the vehicle (Tax Town). Check your registration for the Tax Town (158).  Westport Residents and/or Non-Residents with vehicles paying taxes to a town other than Westport are subject to a higher fee.

We will issue 350 Non-Resident parking emblems this season. If you are interested in obtaining a vehicle parking emblem for the 2018 season, they will be available online and in the office as of Monday, March 19. Quantities limited, first come, first served basis. 


 Westport Resident Parking Emblems Fee
 Resident Parking Emblem / Motorcycle Emblem  $50
 Resident Parking Emblem (Senior Citizen - 62 and older or Handicapped)  $25
 Resident Parking Emblem (Car not on Westport tax rolls)  $285
 Resident Parking Emblem (Senior Citizen, car not on Westport tax rolls)  $145
 Replacement (with return of original emblem of same year or notarized affidavit)  $5


Weston Residents:
As a Weston resident you are eligible to purchase a vehicle parking emblem for entrance into Town of Westport beaches.  During the season emblems will be available for purchase online and at the Westport Parks and Recreation office through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

  • Customers must bring a valid drivers license and a copy of the current vehicle registration. 


Weston Resident Parking Emblems   Fee 
Weston Resident      $375
Weston Resident - Senior Citizen (62 and older)      $200
Weston Resident - vehicle not on Weston tax rolls                  $775
Replacement (with return of original emblem of same year or notarized affidavit )             $5


Emblem Lost or Stolen?
  Click here for the replacement emblem affidavit
*Please note, that it must be notarized.