Overtime Athletics

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Whiffle Ball OTA 

Big Swing Whiffle Ball

This program isn't baseball - it's better! Everyone hits and no one strikes out in this version of America's favorite pastime. The fundamentals of throwing, catching and hitting are taught through games like Soft Toss, Base Runners, Home Run Derby and 500 Flies. Both the new and seasoned players will love getting BIG hits with our favorite game, Tennis-Racquet Baseball. It's a whiffle ball with a racquet! No real baseball equipment is used to ensure a safe playing environment. Sign up today before it's going, going, GONE!

Dates:   Day:  Time:  Grades:  Location:  Fee:  Code:
 June 2 - June 16  Tuesday  4 p.m. - 5 p.m.      3 - 5 Boys & Girls   Luciano Park     $42  OTA01


Notes: If there are any any cancellations we will hold a make-up class on Tuesday, May 26 


High Fives Running Club OTA

High Fives Running Club

Kids are natural runners, but spend a lot of time hearing "No Running!" How many times does a child hear this? No running in the halls...No running in the house...No running at the pool...It goes on and on. The HIGH FIVES RUNNING CLUB puts a stop to the "No Running" and lets kids fly! Crawl, Stand, Walk Jog, Run...Gradually developing the habit to run can change and impact one's life forever. This program will bring a shot of energy with the daily warm-up game, then blast off with the daily workout. Our goal for the HIGH FIVES RUNNING CLUB is to get heart rates raised and to increase endurance.

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June 4 - June 18   Thursday  4 p.m. - 5 p.m.      2 - 5 Boys & Girls  PJ Romano Turf Field @ Saugatuck El School  $42 OTA02


Notes: If there are any any cancellations we will hold a make-up class on Thursday, May 28