Adult Tennis - Fall

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Adult Tennis 


Red Ball, Orange Ball
 Advanced Beginner
Green Ball, Yellow Ball
Yellow Ball 
 Advanced Beginner
Yellow Ball
Yellow Ball
 1.0  1.5  2.0  2.5  3.0  3.5  2.5 - 3.0
-For players brand new to the game.
-Focuses on holding the racquet, contact point, hand eye and movement skills as well as, language of the game.
-Cooperative challenges, fun and dynamic drills and point play games.
-Goal of having fun, developing a love for the game.
-Builds on 1.0 stage with continued focus on hand-eye coordination and movement.
-Focuses on rally consistency, shot control, ball tracking skills, timing and rhythm and sound swing paths.
-Cooperative challenges, fun and dynamic drills and point play games.
-Goal of having fun, continuing to improve and becoming a long term tennis player.
-For players with prior playing experience.
-Focuses on better contact point, improving swing path and more control.
-Begins to talk about positioning for singles and doubles.
-Players have been practicing and playing and have an understanding of the game.
-Improve on ball tracking and judgment, swing speed and shot placement and control.
-Developing sustaining a consistent rally with other players of similar ability.
-Ready for social matches, USTA leagues and tournaments.
-Fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots.
-Still developing all shots, and working on better control and placement.
-Depth, pace and alternating to different areas are focused on.
-Working on hitting and receiving different speeds of shots, and getting in the best hitting zone.
-Net game is a work in progress.
-This player has achieved strike dependability with directional control on moderate shots.
-Working on depth, variety, and spin.
-Effective use of approach shots, net skills, as well as defensive shot, lobs and overheads are important.
-Net confidence is building, as is doubles positioning and teamwork.
-High intensity workout while playing singles or doubles points.  
-Balls will be fed in quickly with plenty of movement on shots, net, baseline, and serving.  
-Will get your heart pumping!
-Goal is to have fun while providing a great workout.

Day: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
*Two week sessions that encompass' 4, 1.5 hour lessons

Sept. 9 – Oct. 17  

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Ages: 18 and older

Fees: $105 per person, per session plus a handpass 


Dates:                                   Days:   Time:                
Location:  Level:         
Session 1: Sept. 9 – 19
8am - 9:30am


Senior 60+ 2.0-2.5
 AT 105



 AT 100

M/W 9:30am-10:55am
Town Farm
Adv.Beg/Low-Int. 2.0-2.5
 AT 101
  M/W 11am-12:25pm


Point Play 3.0-3.5  AT 101a



Town Farm

Intermediate 3.0-3.5  AT 102
   T/TH  9:30am-10:55am
Town Farm
 Intermediate 3.0-3.5
Session 2: Sept. 23 - Oct. 3
* M/W 8am-9:30am


Senior 60+ 2.0-2.5
 AT 205
  * M/W 9:30am-10:55am 


Beginner 1.0-1.5
 AT 200
   *M/W 9:30am-10:55am

Town Farm

3.0 - 3.5
 AT 201
   *M/W 11am-12:25pm Longshore Point Play 3.0-3.5
 AT 201a
   *M/W 11am-12:25pm

Town Farm

Adv Beg/Lo-Int 2.0 -2.5  AT 202

 T/TH 9:30am-10:55am Town Farm
Adv Beg/Lo-Int 2.0-2.5   AT204
 *No class Monday, 9/30. Make up Friday, 10/4
Session 3: Oct. 7 - Oct. 17
*M/W 9:30am–10:55am


AT 300 
  *M/W 9:30am–10:55am

Town Farm

Adv Beg/Lo-Int 2.0-2.5 AT 301
  *M/W 11am-12:25pm


Point Play 3.0-3.5 AT 302
  *M/W 11am-12:25pm Town Farm Intermediate 3.0 - 3.5 AT 302a 
   T/TH 9:30am–10:55am

Town Farm

Intermediate 3.0 - 3.5 AT 303
 *No class Wednesday 10/9. Make up Friday 10/11


Day: Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday

Sept. 10 - Oct. 19

Ages: 16 and older

Fee: $105 per person, per session plus a handpass

 Dates:  Days:  Time: Location:   Level:    Code: 
 Sept. 10 - Oct. 15
 Tuesday  8 pm-9:25 pm  Longshore  Adv Beg/Low-Int 2.0-2.5
 AT 108
 Sept. 12 - Oct. 17
 Thursday  8 pm-9:25 pm  Longshore Adv Beg/Low-Int 2.0-2.5
 AT 109
 Sept. 14 - Oct. 19       
9:30 am–10:55 am   
 Town Farm Adv Beg/Low-Int 2.0-2.5    AT 501 
 Sept. 14 - Oct. 19  Saturday
11 am-12:25 pm  Town Farm Point Play 3.0 - 3.5  AT 502



Adult Beginner / Advanced Beginner:
Intro to forehand and backhand, volley and serve.  Volleying back and forth and serves will be covered.

Adult Low Intermediate:
Players should be able to rally back and forth with some consistency and have taken lessons previously. Players should have prior knowledge of forehand, backhand, volley and serve. In this class we play singles and doubles points along with games, scoring and etiquette. 

Adult Intermediate:
Players must be able to volley with consistency, have knowledge of topspin and some accuracy, can force some errors.  Players should have some experience with doubles and singles strategy.  This class focuses on point play situations for singles and doubles. 

Point Play:
Designed for participants to play singles and doubles points, ball fed in by instructor or self-fed.  Instructors will teach strategy with some technique, but more emphasis on playing and getting a good workout.


Adult Tennis Information