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Introduction to Karate

Let's face it, we are not raising our kids to become gladiators. Schools have zero-tolerance policy for fighting and weapons, and Fairfield County is isolated from the "Mean Streets" of the world. The simple answer is that our local community requires less of the physical portion of the Martial Arts than at any other time in history, but that doesn't mean that there is no place for Martial Arts Training to prepare your kids for the rest of the world. Martial Arts students learn to be more confident,have better self-control, become leaders, and get better grades in school than kids who do not participate in this activity. As a parent, i have always wanted the very best for my children. We all seek to find those opportunities for our kids that give them the best chances for a successful future. Sign up for classes today and watch your child evolve and grow. There will be no fighting or contact in this program, and a liability waiver must be signed when you register for this class. A belt will be provided for new students. A uniform is optional but not required for the intro class. Eligible students will be invited to test for belt rank advancement at the end of the course. Fees for uniforms and testing are additional. This intro course allows advancement to the first 3 belt ranks. 

Master Douglas DeBarger is the Owner/Headmaster. His current national rankings include 5th Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo.

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 Thursday  April 23 - June 11  4:15 p.m. - 5 p.m.  1 - 5  $130  K11                                                    

Computer Mouse 

Location: 374B Post Road East. Westport CT 06880