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          PENDING P&Z APPLICATIONS are listed BELOW:

8-24 70 North Ave- Solar Canopies PZ-20-00421
Application Materials
Letter from First Selectman
Police Dept Comments 06-27-20
Plans 07-03-20
Applicant Response to Fire Marshall 07-06-20
Building Department Comments 07-06-20
8-24 Procedures approved by PZC on 2-6-20, Vote Clarified on 3-5-20
North Avenue, 70 - Zoning History
Staff Comments 7-10-20

70 North Ave- Special Permit/Site Plan PZ-20-00422
Application Materials
Drainage Summary
Police Dept Comments 6-29-20
Board of Education Comments 06-30-20
Applicant Response to Fire Marshall 07-06-20
Plans 07-03-20
Tree Board Comments 07-06-20
Fire Dept Comments 07-07-20
Applicant Response to Tree Board 07-07-20
Staff Comments 7-10-20
Engineering Comments 7-14-20

1 Bluff Point Road #PZ-20-00423 CAM Site Plan

Owner Authorization Letter
Application Materials
Coastal Site Plan Review Application
As-Built Survey by Land Surveying Services LLC revised 3-9-20
Architectural Drawings by Achilles Architects revised 5-12-20
Email from Thomas Capasse 7-4-20 

(Resubmitted 12-23-19) 50 Compo Mill Cove- #19-063

Application Materials
Application Materials
Proposed and Existing Survey
Photo with Markup
Revised Slope Section 10-30-20
Existing Cross Section 02-21-20
Draft Resolution of Denial
Draft Resolution of Approval
Survey of 44 CMC 06-03-20
Meeting with K Zawoy 06-19-20
CT DEEP Notice of Violation 7-1-20
Staff Comments
Staff Comments with Attachments
Supplemental Staff comments with attach
Supplemental Comments #2
Staff Comments with attach
Supplemental Staff Comments #1
Supplemental Staff Comments #2 02-27-20
Supplemental Staff Comments #3 05-20-20
Supplemental Comments #4 6-18-20
Letter from John Cannavino 11-12-19
Engineering Comments 12-18-19
Letter from J. cannavino 01-22-20
Letter from P. Romano 01-22-20 with attachments
E-mail to John Gaucher 02-19-20
LandTech submission 05-28-20
Email Robin Tauck 05-26-20
Email from R Tauck 05-28-20
Email from J. Gaucher 05-29-20
Email from P Romano 05-31-20 with photos
Email from P Romano 05-31-20
Email from P Romano 06-01-20
Email from J. Gaucher 06-01-20
Email from J. Gaucher 06-02-20
Email from P Romano 06-02-20
Email from P Romano 06-05-20
Email from P Romano 06-15-20
Email from P Romano 06-15-20
Email R Tauck 06-15-20
Email R Tauck 06-15-20 with attachments
Email P. Romano 06-22-20
Email from Andrew Colabella 6-25-20
Email from John Gaucher 6-25-20
Email from Michelle Perillie to Robin Tauck 6-30-20
Email from Deborah Tumey 7-13-20
Email from Robin Tauck regarding Tropical Storm Faye 7-13-20
E-mail from Danielle Dobin to Robin Tauck 7-14-20

Video from 12-30-19 submitted by Robin Tauck:

Video from Robin Tauck 5-28-20:

Video from Robin Tauck 6-25-20:

Video of Tropical Storm Faye 7/10/20 Submitted by Robin Tauck

GRANTED 7/9/20 113 North Avenue #PZ-20-00333- Special Permit/ Site Plan
Application Materials
Existing Survey
Architectural Plans 5-11-20
Staff Comments 07-01-20

220 Post Road West  #PZ-20-00457
Special Permit & Site Plan Application
Application Materials
Proposed Survey by Redniss & Mead dated 8-25-15
Building Floor Plan
General Floor Plan

521 Riverside Avenue PZ-20-00217
Application Materials 
Prior Department Reviews & Approvals - Patio & Pergola
Existing Survey by Dennis A Deilus dated 3-6-20
Proposed Survey by Dennis A Deilus dated 3-9-20
Proposed Architectural Drawings of Detached Pergola by Halper Architects LLC dated 3-17-20
Proposed Planting Plan by Artemis Landscape Architects Inc dated 3-12-20
Google Earth Aerial Photo dated 9-19-13
Updated Cons Approval for Pergola (5 pages), 6-2-20
Updated Cons Approval for Patio (3 pages), 6-2-20
Aerial Photos (3), 2013 & 2016 Received 7-6-20

259 Saugatuck Ave & 1 Charmers Landing #PZ-20-00334

Application Materials
Proposed Survey 9-6-19
Lot Consolidation Survey 10-24-19

Text Amendment #767 #18-090 - Beach Residential District
Application Materials
Explanatory Statement rev 02-13-20
CT DEEP Cmts 5-17-19
Town Attorney Comments 6-3-19
Revised Text Sec 13B, Beach Res District Rev 2-7-20

Map Amendment #769  - New Beach Residential Zones (P&Z Commission authored)
Application Materials
Explanatory Statement
New Beach Residential Zones
List of 347 Properties Proposed for Beach Residential Zones (alphanumeric)
2 Lists of Properties Proposed for Beach Residential Rezoning 4-9-19
Proposed New beach residential Zones 3-17-19
CT DEEP Transmittal 05-14-19
Town Attorney Comments 6-3-19

Text Amendment #779- Changes to CAM Application Process

Application Form
Explanatory Statement
Text to Modify CAM Review Process
Staff Comments 3-11-20

Text Amendment #781- Special Needs Housing
Revised Application Form 6-4-20
Supplemental Cover Letter from Applicant 6-4-20
Cover Letter from Applicant dated 7-8-20
Text Amendment #781, revised 7-8-20
Revised Explanatory Statement 7-8-20
Supporting Documentation 6-17-20
SUPERSEDED Explanatory Statement, revised 6-17-20
SUPERSEDED Text Amendment, revised 6-17-20
SUPERSEDED Cover Letter from Applicant, dated 6-17-20
SUPERSEDED CGS 17a-215f, Background info submitted by the applicant on 6-4-20
SUPERSEDED Text Amendment 781, dated 5-28-20
SUPERSEDED Application Form Submitted 5-28-20
SUPERSEDED Explanatory Statement, dated 5-28-20
SUPERSEDED Text Amendment, revised 6-4-20
SUPERSEDED Revised Explanatory Statement 6-4-20
SUPERSEDED Cover Letter from Applicant, dated 5-28-20

Text Amendment #782 - Solar Canopies
Purpose and Text Amendment
Police Dept Comments 6-29-20
Board of Education Comments 06-30-20
Staff Comments 7-10-20

Text Amendment #783- Temporary Outdoor Dining Extension
Application Page
Proposed Text Amendment Language 7-10-20
Explanatory Statement, 7-10-20
Cover Letter for 7-9-20 PZC Work Session on Draft Amendment for Outdoor Eating Areas 7-1-20

Text Amendment #784-Temporary Provisions for Fitness Businesses 
Application Page
Proposed Text Amendment Language 7-10-20
Explanatory Statement 7-10-20
Email from Peter Genis 7-9-20
Email from Jennifer Dewis 7-9-20
Email from Amy Hochhauser 7-9-20
Email from Becky Cerroni 7-9-20
Email from Elizabeth Pocsik 7-9-20
Email from Evan Seideman 7-9-20
Email from J. Scott Broder w/ Attached Letter
Email from Jennifer Dooher 7-9-20
Email from Marilyn Oestreicher 7-9-20
Email from Wendy Malone 7-9-20
Email from Rhodie Lorenz 7-9-20
Email from Lauren Burg 7-9-20
Email from Alissa Westerlund 7-9-20
Email from Julie Roehm 7-9-20
Letter from Jennifer and Evan Seideman 7-9-20

222 Wilton Rd PZ-20-00468
Application Materials
Existing Survey
Site Plan
Excavation and Fill Exhibit
Drainage Report
Previously Approved Site Plan



70 Turkey Hill Road South
Staff Cover Letter for Work Session Item, 6-29-20


End of P&Z Applications to date.