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Planning and Zoning Commission
Pending Applications  and  Work Session Items

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            Note: WORK SESSION items are listed at the End of LIST 

          PENDING P&Z APPLICATIONS are listed BELOW:

44 Compo Mill Cove (Re-submission) #20-002 CAM Site Plan 
Application Materials
Existing Survey
Proposed Site Plan
Permit Drawings

(Resubmitted 12-23-19) 50 Compo Mill Cove- #19-063
Application Materials
Proposed and Existing Survey
Staff Comments with Attachments
Letter from John Cannavino 11-12-19
Supplemental Staff comments with attach
Supplemental Comments #2
Engineering Comments 12-18-19
Staff Comments with attach
Supplemental Staff Comments #1
Letter from J. cannavino 01-22-20
Letter from P. Romano 01-22-20 with attachments

71 Hillandale Rd- #20-001- Site Plan/ Special Permit
Application Materials
Existing Survey 11.28.19
Proposed Survey 1-22-20
Demo Plans 11-19-19
Building Plans 1-22-20
SUPERSEDED Building Plans 12-10-19
SUPERSEDED Proposed Survey 12.22.19

28 Hillspoint Rd #PZ-20-00125- Special Permit/ Site Plan
Application Materials
Storm Water report
Existing Conditions Survey
Site Development Plan REVISED 2-12-20
Building Plans REVISED 2-4-20
Statement of Use prepared by Mel Barr, dated 1-29-20
Storm Water Management Analysis prepared by B&B Engineering, dated 1-16-20
Tax Assessor Field Card
Neighbor Notification and Map
Traffic Access and Impact Study January 2020
SUPERSEDED Building Plans
SUPERSEDED Site Development Plan

10 Little Fox Ln #19-050 -Excavation & Fill

Application Materials
Existing Survey
Site Plan
Staff Comments with Attachments
Excavation and Fill Supplemental 1 with attachments 11-14-19
Staff Supplemental comments 2 11-27-19
Applicant Response to Staff Report 
Second Response from Applicant
Supplemental comments # 3 w attach
Supplemental Staff Comments with attachments #5 5 2-3-2020
Landscape Plan REV 2-4-20

201 Main St #19-067- CAM Special Permit/ Site Plan
Application Materials
CAM application
Cellar Plans 12-17-19
Site Development Plan 1-7-20

556 Post Road East #19-061 Special Permit/Site Plan

 Application Materials
Existing Survey
SUPERSEDED Proposed Survey
Proposed Survey REV 12-27-19
Architectural Plans
Distance Profiles
Turning Movement Plan
Statement of Use
Explanatory Statement

1460 Post Road East #19-062 Site Plan
Application Materials 
Existing Survey
Proposed Survey
Building Plans

41 Richmondville - PZ-20-00132- Special Permit/ Site Plan
Application Materials
Engineering Plans Revised 2-13-20
Drainage Report
Architectural Plans 2-4-20
Traffic Report
Topographic Survey
Planting Plan
Elevation Plans
Project Narrative
SUPERSEDED: Engineering Plans

Text Amendment #767 - New Beach Residential Zone (P&Z Commission authored)
Application Materials
Explanatory Statement rev 02-13-20
Text Amendment Sec 13B, Beach Res District Rev 2-7-20
CT DEEP transmittal 05-14-19
Town Attorney Comments 6-3-19
SUPERSEDED Explanatory Statement revised 3-11-19
SUPERSEDED Proposed Text For New Beach Residential 3-25-19
SUPERSEDED Proposed Text For New Beach Residential Rev 4-22-19

Text Amendment #775 #19-056
Application page Revised
Application Materials
Revised Explanatory Statement 01-30-20
Revised Text Amendment 01-30-20
SUPERSEDED Application page

Text Amendment #776 #19-060
Application Materials

Map Amendment #769  - New Beach Residential Zones (P&Z Commission authored)
Application Materials
Explanatory Statement
New Beach Residential Zones
List of 347 Properties Proposed for Beach Residential Zones (alphanumeric)
2 Lists of Properties Proposed for Beach Residential Rezoning 4-9-19
Proposed New beach residential Zones 3-17-19
CT DEEP Transmittal 05-14-19
Town Attorney Comments 6-3-19

Text Amendment #777- Adaptive Reuse
Text Cover Letter 2020
Text Change 02-05-20
Explanatory Statement
Text Change Application

Text Amendment #778- Special Needs
Cover Letter
Explanatory Statement
Text Change 02-06-20

Text Amendment #779- Changes to CAM Application Process
Application Form
Explanatory Statement
Text to Modify CAM Review Process




End of P&Z Applications to date.