ZBA Pending Applications

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Pending Zoning Board of Appeals Applications

14 Allen Raymond Ln #ZBA-20-00213
Application Materials
Cover Letter
Giant Slide Images
P&Z Approved Site Grading Enlargement Plan
Proposed Grading Enlargement Plan
Grading Enlargement Giant Slides

13 Covlee Dr- ZBA-20-00163
Application Materials
Existing Survey
Drainage Report 10-21-19
Architectural Plans 12-23-19
Site Plan rev 2-26-20

71 Hillandale Road #ZBA-20-00218
Application Materials 
ZBA Explanatory Statement dated 4-1-20
Parking Requirements dated 4-1-20
Drainage Report dated 3-20-20
Existing Survey by Charles L Leonard dated 12-24-19
Proposed Survey by Charles L Leonard dated 1-22-20
Demolition Plans dated 11-19-19
Memorial Garden dated 3-21-20
Proposed Architectural Plans by Steve Orban dated 3-23-20
Proposed Grading and Drainage Survey by Ochman Associates Inc dated 3-20-20

233 Hillspoint Rd #7773- APPEAL 
Application Materials
Improvement Location Survey by Accurate Land Surveying, LLC dated 1-30-20

20 Owenoke Pk #ZBA-20-00146
Application Materials
Existing Conditions Survey
Proposed Site Plan

877 Post Road East #7781
Application Materials 
Existing Survey
Proposed Architectural Drawings
Proposed Site Plan

16 Webb Road # ZBA-20-00187
Application Materials 
Existing Survey
Proposed Survey
Proposed Architectural Plans

The following applications have been decided, but 
continue to be posted here for the convenience of the public:

7 Country Road #ZBA-20-110: Granted 2/25/20
Application Materials 
Excavation and Fill 1-20-2020
Project Narrative

13 Covelee Dr #7772: GIP W/C / DIP 2/25/20
Application Materials
ZBA Application revised 2-5-20
Existing Survey revised 2-4-20
SUPERSEDED Existing Survey
Architectural Plans
Submission Letter
CAM Application
Site Plan revised 02-4-20
FEMA Area to be Removed Exhibit revised 2-4-20
SUPERSEDED FEMA Area to be Removed Exhibit
SUPERSEDED LOMR- Area to be Removed Exhibit
Drainage Report
Vegetative Buffer letter to P&Z - 2-18-20
Applicant Statement 2-18-20

20 Imperial Avenue #7780: GIP/DIP 2/25/20
Application Materials Revised 2-10-20
SUPERSEDED Application Materials 
Existing Survey
Proposed Architectural Plans Revised 2-9-20
SUPERSEDED Existing_Proposed Architectural Plans
Proposed Site Plan

61 Kings Highway South #7775: Withdrawn 2/25/20
Application Materials 
Proposed Survey Rev 2-11-20
SUPERSEDED Proposed Survey
Building Plans
Existing Survey rev 2-11-20
SUPERSEDED As-Built Survey

157 Imperial Avenue ZBA-20-137-Withdrawn 3/2/2020
Application Materials 
As Built Survey 10-23-19

5 Allen Lane #ZBA-20-00142-GRANTED
Application Materials 
Owner Authorization Letter
Existing Survey 11-6-19
Existing Architectural Plans 1-30-20
Demo Plans & Elevations
Proposed Survey 11-6-19
Proposed Architectural Plans 1-30-20 

28 Hillspoint Road #7777-GRANTED WITH CONDITIONS
Application Materials
 Application Materials 
Existing Conditions Plot Plan 1-16-20
SUPERSEEDED Existing Conditions 
Site Layout and Grading REVISED 2-10-20
SUPERSEDED Site Layout and Grading
Existing Building REV 2-4-20
SUPERSEDED Existing Building
Proposed Building REV 2-4-20
SUPERSEDED Proposed Building 

259 Saugatuck Ave &  1 Charmers Landing #7776-GRANTED WITH CONDITIONS
Application Materials
Existing Survey
Lot Consolidation Map
Site Plan rev 2-20-20

End of ZBA Applications