Departmental Awards

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The Westport Police Department has an awards program to recognize those officers who perform above and beyond the call of duty. Officers are nominated by either their supervisors or their peers. Nominations are then reviewed by a committee comprised of six officers, four of whom are appointed by the Police Benevolent Association and two members of the command staff appointed by the Chief of Police.  Awards are issued to officers whose nominations are approved.

The following awards are authorized by the Westport Police Department:

Medal of Valor Ribbon

Medal of Valor – The Medal of Valor shall be awarded to any officer who at imminent personal hazard of life engages in combat with an armed adversary; or who distinguishes themselves in the line of duty by committing an individual act of heroism at imminent personal hazard to their own life.

Chiefs Commendation Ribbon

Chief’s Commendation - The Chief’s Commendation ribbon shall be awarded to any member who displays courage and an intelligent devotion to duty which contributes to the elimination of crime, an unusual accomplishment under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard to life or limb, or where death or injury to a third party is prevented.

Meritorious Service Awar

Meritorious Police Duty - The Meritorious Police Duty ribbon shall be awarded to any officer who performs a highly creditable accomplishment bringing public acclaim to themselves, the department, or the police profession as a result of training, devotion to duty, or service to the public. This award may also result from recognition from another agency, civic organization, or community service.

Lifesaving Award

Lifesaving Ribbon – The Lifesaving Ribbon shall be awarded to any officer who, through effective first aid or otherwise, saves a life or prevents serious injury to another person.

Honorable Police Service Award

Honorable Police Service – The Honorable Police Service ribbon shall be awarded to any officer who commits a creditable act in the line of duty, which meets some but not all the requirements for other awards. The actions of the officer shall display initiative and accomplishment. This ribbon may be awarded to an officer who continually achieves excellence in performance of their duties over an extended period.

  Investigators Award


Investigators Ribbon – The Investigators Ribbon shall be awarded to any officer who, through an exceptional display of police expertise, investigates an incident, resulting in the identification of the subject(s) responsible for the commission of the incident and/or the recovery of property.

Unit Citation

Unit Citation – The Unit Citation ribbon shall be awarded to any unit, shift, or group of officers who, by their courage, intelligent performance of police work, or by patient devotion to duty, contributed to the elimination of crime.

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