Training Section

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All Westport police officers are required to attend 60 hours of mandatory training every 3 years as mandated by the Police Officers Standards and Training Council (POSTC) to maintain their state certifications as police officers. State mandated training records must be accurately maintained for each officer and are subject to audit at the end of each training cycle. Westport police officers attend a minimum of 32 hours of in-service training annually, which is far in excess of the hours required.

The Westport Police Department Training Section is responsible for ensuring that all officers meet these requirements. In addition to conducting in-service training programs, the Training Officer is responsible for researching law enforcement publications, developing lesson plans and instructional materials as needed, scheduling guest lecturers, and providing officers with legal updates. Staff Corporal Carr is assisted by 9 Westport police officers who are POSTC-certified instructors in various disciplines.

The Training Section also maintains officers' training records and certification standards and works with the Field Training Coordinator to provide field training for new recruits. All officers receive training and certifications on a variety of subjects including: Legal Updates, Diversity training, Domestic Violence investigations, Sexual Assault investigations, Use of Force issues, Firearms, EMT/EMR Training, Hazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogens, Active Shooter Training, Patrol Techniques, and Defensive Tactics.