Fingerprinting Procedures and Information

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Only Westport residents or persons requiring fingerprinting for conditions of employment with a business in the Town of Westport are eligible for fingerprinting. You must present a Photo Identification to be fingerprinted and proof of Westport residency such as utility or tax bills if your license does not list a Westport address. 

If fingerprinting is for a Westport employer, a letter from the business indicating your employment and purposes of the fingerprinting OR fingerprint cards supplied by the employer are required. 

Make sure the fingerprint cards are filled out completely but DO NOT sign them until directed to do so. 

The cost of fingerprinting is $10.00 cash per person for up to three fingerprint cards per session. More than three fingerprint cards is an additional $5.00. Fingerprinting fees are CASH ONLY.  No Checks or Credit Cards will be accepted. Come to Westport Police Headquarters at 50 Jesup Road, and upon entering the front lobby, go to the right to the Records Division window for assistance. We do not fingerprint for Immigration Applications. Any questions concerning your eligibility for fingerprinting you may contact the Records Division at 203-341-6001.  Fingerprint cards are not provided by the Police Department.

If you were previously fingerprinted at the Westport Police Department and your fingerprints were rejected, there is no charge for a re-print. You must bring in the rejected fingerprint card with you as well as any documentation accompanying it. Remember to moisturize your hands for several days prior to fingerprinting.

WINTER WEATHER POLICY: If the Westport Public Schools are closed, fingerprinting is canceled. If there is a late opening, there will be no morning session. If there is an early dismissal there will be no afternoon session.

Fingerprinting hours are:
  • Tuesday mornings 10 A.M to 1 P.M.
  • Thursday afternoon from 1:30 P.M to 4:30 P.M.