Crime Mapping

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What is crime mapping? is a source of information for citizens to stay abreast of what is occurring in and around their neighborhoods. Crime Reports provides general information about call response and crime trends throughout the Town of Westport.

How often is updated?

The information found on Crime Reports is updated daily. The information that is posted is archived for a period of 6 months.

Are all crimes that occur in Westport included in

No. Some crimes that are sensitive in nature or where investigations are currently underway are not included in the data. The Westport Police Department works hard to get as much information out to the public and pays specific attention to “quality of life” crimes that concern the community.  Additionally, responses to calls that do not generate a written incident or arrest report are not included in the data.

How can I get more information on a crime?

Reports are available through the Westport Police Department Records Division. Please note that not all reports may be released. For reports that may be released there is a fee of $.50 per page to obtain a copy. See the Westport Police Department Records Division for more information on police reports.

How can I receive alerts on Westport Police activity?

You can receive alerts automatically by electronic mail. Sign up for such alerts can be made at the crime reports email alerts link. Alerts can also be sent to your wireless device.


Does the Westport Police Department use

Yes. The Westport Police Department uses the data gathered by to look for crime patterns and trends. In effect, it is a 21st-century equivalent of the old pin maps used in policing for decades.

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Disclaimer: While the Westport Police Department makes every effort to maintain and distribute accurate information, no warranties and/or representations of any kind are made regarding the information provided. The Westport Police Department is not responsible for misinterpretation of this information and makes no inference or judgment as to the relative safety to any particular area or neighborhood. In no event shall the Westport Police Department be liable in any way for the users of this data. Users of the data accessed through shall hold the Westport Police Department harmless in all matters and accounts arising from the use and/or accuracy of this data.