Report A Crime - FAQ

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What do I do if online incident reporting is not right for me?

If your incident is a true emergency, call 911. If non-emergency call 203-341-6000.

How do I know if anyone has read my report? Will there be any action taken on what I report?

In order for your report to be accepted and a case number assigned it must be reviewed and approved by a police supervisor. If you have received the approved report back (which will have a police case number on it) then it means it was read. If police review indicates that further investigation is required then you will be contacted. As a rule, this system is best used for incidents that do not require followup investigation.

What if this happened in another town? Can I file a report using this online police citizen reporting system?

No, if a crime took place outside of the Town of Westport please call the Police Department for that town.

What if this happened on the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95), the Merritt Parkway (Rt-15), or in Sherwood Island State Park?

Call the Connecticut State Police at 203-696-2500.

What is a known suspect?

A known suspect is when you or someone else knows the person or where to find the person who committed the crime, or knows the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect(s) were in.

I need to add some more information to my report. How do I do this?

Supplemental information can be added to your report by returning to the reporting page. There is an option for adding more information. You will need your case number from the original report. You will be required to type in all your identifying information again as you did for your first report. This is done to prevent someone else from using your case number to add incorrect information.

But there is an email address on the reply sent to me. Why can't I use that to add information?

The email link that is attached to replies from the online police citizen reporting system is only used for comments regarding the system itself. If you use that link to add information to your original report it will not be seen by a police officer and will not be added to the report. Only use this link to suggest improvements to the system itself.