Zero Tolerance Policy For Minors With Alcohol

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The Westport Police Department wants the community to know that this department has a zero tolerance policy for minors with alcohol.

All incidents involving youths under 21 years of age with alcohol will be vigorously investigated and enforcement action will be taken. 

The public is reminded that Connecticut General Statute 30-89(b) makes it illegal for a minor to possess alcohol, in or out of a motor vehicle, and any conviction under this statute will result in a fine and suspension of the minor’s operator’s license for 30 to 60 days.

The public is further reminded that for youths under 21 years of age a blood alcohol level of .02 (two-hundredths of one percent) or more of alcohol, by weight, constitutes D.W.I. (driving while intoxicated). This is compared to a blood alcohol level of .08 for person’s age 21 and older.

Whenever Westport Police Officers investigate an incident involving minors with alcohol, the parents of all youths involved will be notified, even if an arrest is not made.

The entire community shares the responsibility to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors. If parents and the police work together we can reduce the number of negative consequences associated with underage drinking.

Information you can use...

The Connecticut Office of Policy and Management has developed a web site with a lot of information and links to help parents address underage drinking. You can find it at

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