Propane Tank Disposal

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Propane tanks can be extremely hazardous and volatile. Unfortunately, getting rid of them has become a problem. Due to their nature, very few places will accept them for disposal. Most towns do not have methods of their own for dealing with them.

The Town of Westport does not accept propane tanks for disposal at the Transfer Station.

However, there are many private companies that will dispose of propane tanks, empty or full, for a small fee. The following is a list of Connecticut companies that have in the past or currently do dispose of homeowner’s propane tanks: 

Fairfield     AmeriGas   1-800-352-7177
Norwalk Hocon Gas    1-800-801-3835

Connecticut Oxygen Corp.

Paraco Gas



Norwalk All-State Propane.    203-375-0400
Greenwich Petro Propane Fuel Service    203-869-4226