Pay your Westport taxes online, by phone, or by check.

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You can pay taxes on-line or by a telephone call. You can also send in a check by US mail or bring a check to the office. Research your tax bills online and print out your bills.

There are three ways to submit your payment electronically. There's a fee to use each method, as noted below

  • E-Check (ACH/Bank Account Transfer) - Flat fee of $0.95 fee per transaction.  
  • Visa Debit Card  - Flat fee of $3.50
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) - 2.50% of the transaction total with a $2 minimum fee          

Here's how to do it online

Read the basic instructions below, then click the link. You'll be taken to our starting page for online payments.

What you need to know for online payments:

    • At the next page, search by your name, list number or account number for your tax balance.
    • Once you've got your tax balance information click the Shopping Cart to pay your bill. You will then be taken to the Point & Pay secure payment site.
    • You will be required to register at the Point & Pay site. 
    • You may edit or cancel your payment amount by clicking the Edit button under My Bills.
    • You may change your method of payment by clicking the drop down under Payment Information.

Click here to research information you'll need to pay your taxes

How to do it by telephone

What you need to know for telephone payments:

  • First, get your tax balance information as described above and have your bank credit or debit card with you before you call.
  • Then, call 1-866-843-5098 
  • You'll be given the choice to select one of the following options
    • Real Estate - press 1
    • Personal Property - press 2
    • Motor Vehicles - press 3
    • Supplemental Motor Vehicle - press 4
    • Sewer Use- press 5
    • Sewer Assessment - press 6

Click here to research information you'll need to pay your taxes