Yearly Tax Calendar

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July 1 First installment of Real Estate, Personal Property, and full payment of Motor Vehicle taxes due. *Sewer Assessment/Use charge due. 
Aug. 1 Last day to pay first installment without penalty.
Oct. 1 Second installment of Real Estate and Property taxes due. Sewer Assessment/Use charge due
Oct. 1 Grand List date (also known as Assessment date for the following year's taxes)  
Nov. 1 Last day to pay second installment without penalty.
Dec. Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax bills mailed.
Jan. 1 Third installment of Real Estate taxes, Personal Property taxes; Sewer assessment/Use charge and payment in full of Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes due.
Feb. 1 Last day to pay third installment and Supplemental Motor Vehicle taxes without penalty.
April 1 Fourth installment Real Estate/Personal Property taxes due and Sewer Assessment/Use charge due.
May Tax Lien Notices sent for Real Estate and Sewer Assessment/Use charge.
May 1 Last day for fourth installments due April 1 to be paid without penalty.
June Liens on delinquent Real Estate and Sewer Assessment/Use charge filed with Town Clerk's Office
* Sewer Assessment and use bills will be paid quarterly beginning with the 2010 list year, July 1, 2011