2020 Election Information

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2020 Voting Dates:

June 2:            Presidential Preference Primary  (Postponed to August 11)
August 11:      Primary, if needed
November 3:   Presidential/State Election

Are you registered to vote? Click here to check your current status.  If your are voting by Absentee Ballot, this tool will also tell you if we've received your Absentee Ballot.

Do you still need to register to vote? Click here to register.

Missed registration deadlines? You can register on Election Day at Town Hall.  Here's how.

Are you out of the country? Click here to visit the website.

See Sample Ballots  for the  August 11th Primary.

Need to check where to vote? Use the State Voter Registration Lookup Tool.

Election voting districts can be viewed here

Here’s the link to the Connecticut (use for August 11 Primary) absentee ballot application form.

November 3rd absentee ballot application form.

And here's more on the Absentee Ballot process....

  • Apply early and mail it back to us quickly. Make sure your ballot arrives on time!
  • Everyone must fill out an absentee ballot application in order to receive a ballot for the election. Please PRINT LEGIBLY!! If we cannot read your application we cannot guarantee that you will get a ballot! 
  • Students, if you are a registered voter please remember to sign up for an absentee ballot as soon as you know your FULL address at school. 
  • Absentee ballot applications are available online at the Town of Westport, Town Clerk’s webpage or see the link above. You can fax/scan the application but you MUST also mail us the original as we need your original signature.
  • The actual ballot will be mailed to you prior to the election date – ballots for the November 3rd election will be mailed beginning Friday, October 2nd through Monday, November 2nd. It is your responsibility to return it before 8 p.m. election night. 
  • We cannot give your ballot to anyone but you. 
  • To mail your ballot by US Postal Service, allow your first-class mail 2 to 5 days for local delivery.
  • Your ballot may be dropped off at Town Hall up to 8 p.m. election night. Proper identification of your immediate family member will be requested at time of delivery. 
  • You cannot fax or email your ballot in!
  • You may not vote by absentee ballot on the day of the election. If you’re in town, go to the polls to vote on Election Day.

Any questions concerning voting & registration, call the Registrar’s office at 203-341-1115.
Any questions concerning absentee ballots, call the Town Clerk’s office at 203-341-1110.

Patricia Strauss, Town Clerk
110 Myrtle Avenue
Westport, CT  06880

Legal Notices

Notice of the Democratic & Republican Presidential Preference Primaries
Notice of the Republican State Senate District 26 Primary

ED-619 Certifications of Party Endorsed Candidates