Land Records

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The Town Clerk’s Office and Cott Systems continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are committed to supporting your searching needs during this trying time. As a safety precaution, the Town Clerks Office is closed to the all walk-in business.  We acknowledge and understand your concerns and necessity to carry on your business as best you can.

To help facilitate your needs, see below our efforts to allow access to Westport town records with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE:


Temporary RECORDhub Subscription

To facilitate greater access to our online records, Cott Systems has implemented a temporary RECORDhub subscription for land record access with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE and $2.00 per page prints.  This new temporary subscription will be available starting at 12:00 am on Monday, March 23, 2020, and will continue until further notice.  The subscription is named "Land Records – Temporary No Fee" and is in the list of subscription options when you subscribe.  This is a “day forward” option beginning March 23, 2020.  All current RECORDhub subscriptions will remain in effect.

Please know that the town clerk’s office and Cott Systems are committed to providing continued service to you.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Support: 1-800-588-2688, or

Patricia Strauss
Westport Town Clerk
March 20, 2020


Land Records Fees (Sec. 7-34a)

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for the filing of 180 different types of documents. The land record fees are as follows.

Recording documents

  • $60  first page
  • $5 each subsequent page or portion.
  • Documents using Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc (MERS) as a Nominee:
    a)   $159 flat fee: Assignments and Releases where MERS is the Grantor
    b)   $159 for first page, $5 each additional page for all other documents types using MERS.
Electronic Recording 
  • The Town Clerk's Office accepts E-Recordings for many Land Record documents. E-Recordings are accepted 9 am — 3:30 pm EST Monday — Friday. Closed Holidays.

    • Simplfile                      800-460-5657
    • CSC                                866-652-0111
    • ePN                               888-325-3365
    • Indecomm Global Services                651-766-2350


  • $2 each transfer with conveyance reportable to State
  • $5 if current mailing address of grantee not given
  • $1 if names of those executing, witnessing and acknowledging are not typed or printed under signature
  • $1 for each marginal notation of assignment subsequent to the first two pages

Copies, certified copies of land records and maps

  • Copies of documents - $1 each page
  • For certified copies - $2
  • Copies of maps-  $1
  • Engineer/Blue line $5
  • Certifying a map - $2 each

Conveyance Tax (Sec. 12-494)

  • State and Local Conveyance taxes are paid at the time of recording deeds. The Town Clerk forwards the State Tax to the Department of Revenue Services.
  • Conveyance tax forms (OP-236) are available from the Department of Revenue Services at
  • Residential property and unimproved land - .0075 x consideration
  • Residential dwelling over $800,000 - .0075 x $800,000 plus .0125 x amount over $800,000
  • Non-residential except unimproved land - .0125 x consideration


  • All categories - .0025 x consideration


Original maps may be recorded in the Town Clerk's office as a permanent record.
  • Any map - $20
  • Maps of subdivisions of 3 or more parcels - $30