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Attention E-search (now RecordHub) Users

You Can Now View and Print Images On-line

Guest users are free (1835 to current date, index information only).
Subscribers can view and print images of land records, maps and trade names for a fee.
Land record images are view-able from December 2, 1977 to the current date. **
Trade names are view-able from August 7, 1924 to the current date.
Maps are view-able from January 1, 1886 to present. *

*Not all maps are available for searching and viewing through this on-line indexing program. Please search map records available in the town clerk’s office.

**Parcel ID's and Address Searches are not a complete search since that information isn't always available.


As of February 2019 there is a new platform for searching public records called RecordHub. You will need to create a user name  and password to access the data base. The complimentary subscription allows you to view the index information only. 

Please contact the Town Clerk's office for further assistance (203) 341-1110. Click the link below to enter :

Click here to access Westport's “TOWN CLERK RECORDS” 

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