Board of Selectmen

  • First Selectman, Jim Marpe 
  • Selectwoman, Jennifer Tooker      
  • Selectwoman, Melissa Kane

The Board of Selectmen consists of the First Selectman and two other Selectmen, no more than two of whom may be members of the same political party. The First Selectman is the Chief Executive Officer of the town. The term of office for each member is four years.

The executive authority of the town is vested in the Board of Selectmen, except to the extent that such authority is expressly granted to the First Selectman.

The Selectmen have the powers and duties vested in them by the General Statutes, except those expressly vested in the First Selectman. All contracts and any renewals, extensions, amendments or modifications of any contract to which the town is party, including grant-eligible school building projects, is subject to approval by the Board of Selectmen, except contracts authorized by the General Statutes to be made by the Board of Education and contracts which any other agency of the town may be authorized to make. The Selectmen serve in an advisory capacity to the First Selectman.

The Board of Selectmen meets at regular intervals and not less than once every two months.

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