The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of seven elected members. No more than four may be members of the same political party. The term of office is four years.

In addition there are three alternate members appointed by a majority vote of the regular members within 90 days after each municipal election. The term of office of each alternate member is two years. No more than two may be members of the same political party.

Beside the powers and duties conferred or imposed by state law on Planning and Zoning Commissions, the Commission is required to update the Town Plan of Conservation and Development at least every ten years, and determines the manner in which zoning regulations are enforced.

The Planning and Zoning Commission holds an average of two public hearings every month to review subdivision, special permit, and zoning amendment applications. Site plan applications are also reviewed at these meetings. The Commission usually meets two additional evenings per month in a work session to discuss planning issues.

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