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Colabella, Andrew J.Member District 4Representative Town Meeting (203) 454-1883
Gertzoff, ArlineMember District 3Representative Town Meeting (203) 856-0160
Kaplan, AmyMember District 3Representative Town Meeting (203) 557-4080
Briggs, BrandiMember District 7Representative Town Meeting (203) 293-4953
Banks, CandaceMember District 6Representative Town Meeting (917) 575-9255
Meiers Schatz, ChristineMember District 2Representative Town Meeting (646) 425-1072
Rea, Carla L.Member District 8Representative Town Meeting (203) 227-3732
Tait, ChrisMember District 1Representative Town Meeting (203) 226-7542
Talmadge, Cathy Member District 6Representative Town Meeting (203) 221-0220
Lowenstein, RichardMember District 5Representative Town Meeting (203) 984-1787
Lautenberg, EllenMember District 7Representative Town Meeting (203) 454-9505
Kraut, GregMember District 5Representative Town Meeting (917) 355-8479
Falk, HarrisMember District 2Representative Town Meeting (724) 242-7747
Bram, JessicaMember District 6Representative Town Meeting (203) 454-2789
Izzo, JimmyMember District 3Representative Town Meeting (203) 247-2426
Keenan, Jay Member District 2Representative Town Meeting (203) 454-5647
Klinge, JohnMember District 7Representative Town Meeting (203) 255-0829
Wieser, JeffMember District 4, Deputy ModeratorRepresentative Town Meeting (203) 221-1973
Hamlin, KristanMember District 4Representative Town Meeting (203) 241-2245
Kramer, KarenMember District 5Representative Town Meeting (203) 858-2049