All Building Permits are viewable online

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All Building Permits are viewable online on the town’s GIS system

Homeowners and commercial property owners can now check online for the status of all Building Permits on their property by searching their address. Both open and closed permits are shown through the GIS system.

Building Permits cannot be applied for online, at this time. Owners thinking of selling their property or refinancing should make sure all open permits have been closed. If any open permits are found, call the Building Department to arrange for an inspection. Open permits may have building code violations that could create a risk to the occupants. Additionally, transferring title may be difficult with open permits on record.

Steps for viewing permits:

  1. Open the GIS application page 
  2. Scroll down the page and click the "I Agree" link to go to the viewer
  3. Select the search button in the upper right, click the ‘Search by Parcel Address’, input the address of the property, then click the search button immediately below the inputted address.
  4. The map will zoom to the selected property and will display the owner information along the bottom
  5. Select the ‘Layers List’ button in the tools area in the upper left
  6. Open the ‘Permits’ folder in the upper right and click the round button (it will turn red)
  7. Select the black lower case ‘i’ (identify visible) in the tools area in the upper left and click on the selected property on the map
  8. The Building Permit information will be displayed along the bottom

To perform additional searches, start from step 2. Online building permit information is updated approximately every week. Call the Building Department at 203-341-5025 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a demonstration of the GIS system at the department office.